Educational Model Success

Einstein Montessori

Zach’s Educational Model Success:

The success of his model in education and financial management was recognized by the Center for Educational Reform as having one of the top ten reading programs in the country, it was the only ESE school to be recognized. The program was praised in a book called “Take Me On A Reading Venture” which was a Literacy Guide For American’s Charter Schools. The Alachua County School District appreciated Einstein Montessori School’s strong devotion and success by voting unanimously (5-0) to renew the contract for an addition 10 years. Don Lewis, director of the Office of School Choice for the School Board of Alachua County wrote in a letter of support “a proven success story” that will be “a tremendous asset to your community”. The school worked with professors at the University of Florida. Linda J. Lombardino, PhD. states in a letter of support, “in addition to providing an excellent educational setting for children who need alternate methods of reading instruction, this school has served as a site for scientific studies of innovative evaluation and instructional processes”. Jane Lieberman PhD chair of the University of central Florida speech and language program wrote in a letter of support, “In my opinion, the Einstein Montessori Schools make valuable contributions to the education of students with severe language and literacy disabilities in Gainesville and Cocoa. It is often difficult for traditional schools to provide the intensive and explicit instruction that these students need to be successful in school. Einstein Montessori has the curriculum and the staff to provide this instruction and to ensure students’ achievement. Many students come from considerable distances to access such instruction; and, their end of year test results indicate that they are making substantial gains which exceed those of students in traditional schools. Thus, it is without question that I recommend that the Einstein Montessori School’s application for charter status in Orange County be granted”.

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