Einstein Montessori

Zach’s Motivation:

Creating a school for dyslexic children is very important for me on a personal level. I have experienced the frustration and anxiety of what a dyslexic person goes through in the public school system, because I am severely dyslexic. Many of the parents of our students also understand the frustration of their children because they also are dyslexic. I am resolved to create an atmosphere lacking the embarrassment, frustration, and anxiety that comes with being dyslexic in a public school. I feel children should be proud of what they accomplish and who they are and should be accepted by the other students and the staff of the school. But for children who are dyslexic, their day is not enjoyable, and they do not feel that they are accepted. They almost never feel a sense of accomplishment. They feel frustrated, embarrassed and angry which is why 84% of the juveniles arrested have reading disabilities. It is important that the children understand some of our greatest scientists, such as Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and so many others who have dyslexia, were able to overcome the disability with hard work, persistence and the right educational model. I feel Einstein Montessori students are also gifted and they deserve the opportunity to reach their potential in an anxiety-free learning environment.

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