Einstein Montessori Academy has a unique educational model specifically designed to educate dyslexic students in an anxious-free environment. Einstein offers a complete school cirriculum for second through tenth grades. We not only use the most effective research based reading, writing, and spelling cirriculums for dyslexic students, we also believe educational models should teach to students’ stengths. This model is consistent with how dyslexic children learn.

It is our belief that dyslexic students are creative thinkers, so we include creative thinking, Socratic questioning, hand-on labs, and projects in our cirriculum. We also use the most up-to-date software to accomodate our students needs, such as screen readers, voice synthesizers, and smart boards technologies. Einstein schools have achieved the highest reading gains in the state and we have renewed the self-esteem that so may dyslexic students have lost with traditional models.

The Einstein Montessori History

Zach Osbrach opened the first free public charter school for dyslexic students in the United States in 1999. The name Einstein Montessori School is meant to be symbolic of Albert Einstein’s educational history with respect to his dyslexia. Albert Einstein’s parents sought out the right learning environment for him which emphasized individual thinking and discouraged rote memorization, similar to what we know as the Montessori approach. Einstein Montessori School was chosen by the Center For Education Reform to have one of the best literacy in programs in the United States. They published Einstein’s reading curriculum in their book called ”Take Me On A Reading Adventure” in 2002. In 2003, Zach Osbrach left the Directorship of the Gainesville school to open up the Einstein Montessori in Cocoa, Florida. For the past 11 years Mr. Osbrach has developed an educational model to improve the language skills of dyslexics while teaching them according to their natural creative abilities as high-aptitude thinkers.

Einstein Montessori

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