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I would like to take a moment of your time to introduce myself. I am Zach Osbrach, founder of Einstein Montessori School Inc in Gainesville Inc and Einstein Montessori Academy Inc which is in Cocoa Florida. It is my strong belief that learning should be engaging and anxious free. I also believe that all children with literacy disabilities, especially those identified as dyslexic should look forward to going to school. I also believe in children’s inherent curiosity and need to learn.

Children should never be told that they could read if they were not so lazy, or told to try harder. They constantly hear how others are so smart because they read so well, leading them to believe that they are not smart. This deprives them of the confidence they need for a long and successful education. For that reason and others, my idea, dream and goal was to create the first comprehensive curriculum in a Florida public school for students who suffer with literacy disabilities, including dyslexia. It is comprehensive in that it not only deals with improving reading, writing, and spelling skills, but it also maintains grade appropriate levels of instruction in computer skills, social studies, science and math, while at the same time building confidence in students’ self-esteem by offering a social skills class taught by a licensed psychologist. It became a reality in both Alachua and Brevard counties. The first Einstein Montessori School was founded in Alachua County in 1999. UF Professor of Communication Processes and Disorders, states in her letter of support that “in addition to providing an excellent educational setting for children who need alternate methods of reading instruction, this school has served as a site for scientific studies of innovative evaluation and instructional processes”. For the first four years of the Alachua County EMS’ initial five year contract, Zach Osbrach was the Corporate Manager/Director. The success of his model in education and financial management has not been lost. EMS was recognized by the Center for Educational Reform as having one of the top reading programs in the country. The program was lauded in a book called Take Me On A Reading Venture which was a Literacy Guide For America’s Charter Schools. The Alachua County School District showed appreciation for EMS’ strong commitment and success by voting unanimously (5-0) to renew the contract for an additional 10 years. Don Lewis, Director of the Office of School Choice for the School Board of Alachua County, aptly describes the EMS model as “a proven success story” that will be “a tremendous asset to your community”. Kathy Black, Director of ESE and Student Services in Alachua County School District writes “The Einstein School in Gainesville has a remarkable success”. This instructional model is specifically designed for students who have experience literacy disabilities, especially those identified as dyslexic . This model is heavily weighted towards curriculums that will build upon their natural abilities such as creative thinking, critical thinking and problem solving. We will utilize proven curriculums that are based on hands-on multi-sensory approaches and Socratic questioning. The mission is to champion the literacy needs of dyslexics students in public schools, public charter schools and private schools. In the traditional educational models these students are the most at-risk for reading and writing failure in America’s schools. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has declared dyslexia as a health problem. The reason that the NIH takes such a strong stance on this subject is simply because the repercussions of the condition are devastating to those afflicted. Despite average or often above average intelligence, many of these children become devastated in the public school system after years of enduring frustration, anxiety, embarrassment and the feeling of not being accepted by their teachers and classmates. This loss of self worth, sense of personal failure and hopelessness is ultimately at the core of why 85% of the juveniles that are arrested have reading disabilities. This loss to our society is directly related to the lack of effective education for these children. It is time for this to change.

The second Einstein Montessori School was established in Brevard County in 2003 and created ties with professors at the University of Central Florida. R. Jane Lieberman, PhD., states in her letter of support: “On the several occasions when I have visited the school, I have been impressed with the student’s engagement in the classroom and their enthusiasm for the curriculum. When I have questioned them about their experiences at EMS, their responses have been uniformly positive. They know that they are finally learning to read, write and spell at Einstein; and, they enjoy being with other students who have similar disabilities with language and literacy. They have also been complimentary of the teachers, praising their compassion, empathy, and patience; their interest in helping them to learn; and, their knowledge of strategies and techniques that facilitate their learning”. Zach Osbrach was also the Corporate Manager/Director of the Einstein Montessori School in Brevard for the all the years of its existence. Within the first year, gains in reading surpassed those of Gainesville. Dr. Thomas Keon, Dean of the College of Business Administration at the University of Central Florida, is the chair of the Board at the Brevard Einstein Montessori School. Dr. Keon also has a son attending the school. In one year’s time at EMS, Dr. Keon’s son raised his reading level from 1 to 3. Dr. Keon is not only familiar with the business aspects of the school, but he has also experienced personally his son’s academic and emotional successes at EMS.

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