Zach Osbrach (Zach) started the first free public charter school for dyslexic students in the United States in 1999. Zach named the school, Einstein Montessori School to be symbolic of Albert Einstein’s educational history with respect to his education and how dyslexia affected his ability to learn. Zach wanted children to understand that many successful people had disabilities and overcame their problems by seeking out an educational system, which matched their natural abilities and also treated their disabilities. Albert Einstein’s history represented just that. When Albert initially attended a public school in Germany that focused on rope memory, Albert did very poorly. Some of the educators at school thought Albert to be slow and even possibly retarded, simply because he didn’t learn in the way they taught. Albert Einstein’s parents sought out the right educational model for young Albert. They moved Albert to a school in Switzerland. His new school in Switzerland deemphasized rope memory and focused on critical thinking, which was the opposite of what he was getting in the German public school he attended. Young Einstein for the first time in his education started to do well and absorb education like a sponge. Zach understood that there needed to be an educational model for children like Albert. He believes that children that are right brained dominant, need to be in an educational model that deemphasized rope memory and emphasizes critical and creative thinking. This model uses Socratic questioning and hands-on curriculum to help build the students natural ability to think creatively. Zach believes that teaching creativity will bring out the hidden genius.

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