Zach’s Educational Model

Zach’s education model is being used in Gainesville and Cocoa, it has proven itself to create the highest reading gains in an anxious free environment. This model is unique in many ways. One of these ways is what Zach calls the modified looping system. The looping system is where students remain with the same teachers for up to six years. The importance of this is that it cuts down the time it takes a teacher to understand the student’s strengths, weaknesses, personality, learning style, and important information about his personal life that affects his education. The modified looping system is an important tool because it takes teachers that teach students with language and literacy problems including dyslexia longer to learn the learning styles of those students. The second aspect that differs from the public school that our elementary students rotate to teachers that have secondary certifications and specialize in the subject they teach. This differs greatly from the traditional public schools system where elementary ed. certifications teach all subjects even though they are only required to take one college course in science and social studies and only up to algebra math and are not required to have a background in language disabilities. At the Einstein Montessori Schools science teachers have a four year degree in biology and a four degree in social studies the secondary math teacher requirements are college calculus and college statistics. Also the speech pathologist teaches the language impaired students and collaborates with the other teachers to integrate the needed structure for the language impaired population. The additional coursework for the teachers improves their ability to educate the students because Zach feels you can’t teach what you don’t know. There are seven core 50 min. classes in our model phonemic awareness/reading, reading/fluency, writing, science, social studies, math and computers. The phonemic awareness/reading course is taught by a speech pathologist and two para-professionals which reduces the teacher-student ratio to a maximum of one to six. Another class would be reading/fluency, which is taught by an ESE teacher, and two para-professionals, which also reduces the ratio to one to six. The writing teacher is a speech pathologist with two Para-professionals also reducing the teacher student ratio to one to six. The science and social studies classes have state approved books in a digital format which includes software that provides them the ability to have the words in the text books read out loud.

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