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From Kathleen Black – Alachua County School Board ESE Director
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From Linda Lombardino, PhD.
From Wayne Second, PhD.
From Tim Conway, PhD.
From Charlotte Harvey, PhD.
From Dr. Thomas Oakland.
From Dr. Thomas Keon.

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Jared Combs / Jermain Combs

I truly have nothing more than positive words about my son, Jared, attending Einstein Montessori. He entered as an eighth grader and continues to show improvement in his grades and particularly his reading level.
The teachers here along with the rest of the staff really get to know the children and truly care about them succeeding. The small community at Einstein really becomes a family for the children.
The most important part of a child's educational career is the involvement of the parent. You need to stay in touch with the teachers and always know what's going on with your student. Maintaining communication will ensure the best experience and greatest success, giving them confidence, and allowing them to become productive members of society.
Enrolling Jared at Einstein has proven to be among one of the best decisions I've ever made on his behalf. He has been very happy here and he looks forward to going to school each day!


Natalie Moore / Amy Moore

Last year was my daughter’s first year at Einstein Montessori and what a difference a year makes. She went from being an extremely anxious child who dreaded school to a confident child excited to learn, making many friends along the way.

I have lived in the area since 1993 and Einstein Montessori is the only local school that provides a unique learning experience in a stress-free environment, an environment that is necessary for students dealing with anxiety, dyslexia and other learning challenges. The teachers and staff are nurturing and supportive and truly care about the “whole” child.

The Moore family is looking forward to another great year at Einstein Montessori.

Amy Moore


Logan Burton / Bunny Countryman

My son was in public school in the fourth grade and failing. He was not a good reader and was diagnosed with a math and reading/language learning disability by a local psychologist. I knew there was an intelligent child in my little boy but did not know to help him.

I had read information on Einstein’s Montessori school in a pamphlet at my pediatrician’s office and knew they offered free testing for dyslexia and had the reputation for helping children with reading disabilities. So I made the appointment for testing and I am so glad I did. They discovered that he had a form of dyslexia which made reading and decoding words more difficult for him.

I was assured that they could help him with his reading and math difficulties. I decided to give this new school a try. I can assure you that I could have never made a better decision for my son or his education. He was at a 4th grade reading level during his first year at Einstein’s and now during his second year he is at a 7th grade reading level. He has gone from making D’s and F’s in public school to A’s and B’s and in fact, has even brought home two straight A report cards. I not only see the difference in his grades, I actually see him pick up a book to read, not because it is homework but because he actually wants to read. I am amazed.

I highly recommend the miracle workers at Einstein’s Montessori school. If you have a child whose potential needs to be unlocked this is the place for you. It is an amazing difference you see when the education is made to fit the child instead of the child made to fit the education.

Bunny Countryman


Dani Brotherton / Stan Brotherton

My daughter was held back and required to repeat the third grade in the public education system. When I asked what was going to be different this second time the response was that nothing would be different. This defied all sensibilities. The teaching materials that had not worked the first time were not going to be changed. It was going to be more fighting over a total lack of interest in school, taking 4 hours to do the assigned half hour of homework every night, her tears of shame that she was stupid and then finally, her finding negativity in just about everything, a complete loss of self-esteem. It was time to locate an alternative. Anything would be an improvement.

I stumbled upon Einstein Montessori Academy quite by chance. Dyslexia was something I was not familiar with and neither was phonemic awareness. I didn’t understand how these disabilities could hinder a student’s ability to read. The other private schools I had looked at were married to the public education system’s teaching materials and didn’t offer enough to encourage me. I sat down with Mr. Zach and began my education in the alternative methods that did exist to teach students with reading difficulties. The one size fits all public schools could not find the funding or resources to use these methods. But at Einstein Montessori here they were. I was initially only interested in what Mr. Zach had to say about improvements in reading using the LIPS program. Then Mr. Zach went on to explain that many of his teachers had Masters Degrees, that class sizes were significantly smaller, that students were graded on personal achievement and not against some standard student rating. It was time to take a chance.

My daughter has completed the third grade at Einstein Montessori School and is doing very well in fourth grade. She gets up every morning and looks forward to going to school. On our drive home she is excited to talk about what she learned about Native Americans, the Titanic, volcanoes, her spelling tests and her multiplication tables. She has joined the 4-H club and can’t wait for the next Friday after school meeting. She adores her new friends and her new teachers. Her reading out loud to me in the evenings has improved ten-fold. She tells her old friends that she is an A student and is very proud of her accomplishments.

Einstein Montessori Academy made this possible. My daughter is learning to read, to think creatively, to be accepting and work well with others, to be proud of herself and her accomplishments. I made the right decision.


Hunter and Nicholas Deese / Angela Deese

I am parent of two kids that attend Einstein Montessori Academy. Our journey with Einstein began in 2010. I had a fourth grader who was struggling in the school. I began to search for a school that could help us. I came across the school’s website and that was the start of my son getting the help he needed to be successful. He is now in 9th grade. We have seen incredible gains in the last 5 years with him, and Einstein is the reason for this. In 2014, my youngest son was in private school. He was struggling and the school was not sure what to do with him. I immediately knew that he needed to be at Einstein to get help like our other son had received. Einstein is a very special place. Zach and the teachers at Einstein are wonderful educators and individuals who are making a difference in so many kids’ lives. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who has child struggling in school. There is help out there, and Einstein is that that place.

Angela Deese


Payton Vinarub / David & Risa Vinarub

Our daughter was not thriving in the Brevard County public school system and we were fortunate to hear about the Einstein Montessori School in Cocoa, Florida. She was having difficulties with her reading comprehension and math skills as well as being teased by her classmates. Unfortunately, the public school system was not equipped to address or handle her needs. Several people informed us about the stellar reputation of the Einstein Montessori School. The school performed several tests which confirmed that our daughter had a mild form of dyslexia. The administrator answered our numerous questions and reassured us that his school would be able to help our daughter thrive.

We were very impressed with the quality and caliber of the teachers and we were very pleased with the teacher/student ratio. Each class is taught by a teacher specialized in his/her area of study as opposed to the one teacher for the entire day as in the public elementary schools. This passion for the specific subject keeps our daughter interested and engaged in the different classes. Our daughter has just began her second year at the school and has already gained two reading grade levels as well as a significant increase in reading and passage comprehension, word comprehension and word attack. She is now in a school that is dedicated to the student and provides a safe, inviting environment to learning. Each morning she looks forward to going to school and we could not be more pleased.

Thank you Zach for all you do for these kids.

Mr. & Dr. V


Beyonce Tates / Amy Austin

My daughter has been in attending for 2 years and I have seen so many strengths since she began Einstein Montessori School. I love that they take their time with all the children and help them learn on their level. The staff is amazing. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.

Thank you,
Amy A.


TJ Schutt / Nancy Schutt

There is cartoon in the office at Einstein Montessori School depicting a line of animals; elephant, penguin, fish, and monkey with a tree and a man behind a desk stating, “For a fair selection everybody has to take the same exam. Please climb that tree.” Einstein Montessori understands that standardized test results and report cards do not represent a student’s abilities. The administration and staff realize that most schools do not offer a teaching style and environment to allow dyslexic children to excel.

Einstein Montessori School focuses on reading with the Lindamood-Bell Phoneme Sequencing program (LIPS) as the cornerstone to successfully teaching children to read. This combined with an anxiety free environment, small classroom numbers and passionate teachers allows students to realize their individual strengths while giving them tools to strengthen their weaknesses. The true key to success is the hearts of the educators at Einstein Montessori School. As a parent of a child with learning disabilities you pray for the teachers that can understand and reach your child. You realize from your own educational experience that one or two can make a difference. At Einstein Montessori School, your child can be blessed with a full team that will go above and beyond to reach your child. They give up their free periods and lunch to help them understand the curriculum letting them have the extra time and extra one on one to be successful while building relationships of trust. My son looks forward to seeing his teachers every day. He truly enjoys learning and takes great pride in his education.

As a parent, I have volunteered over the past three years watching children regain self esteem, building friendships with peers and strong relationships with their teachers. My own son has had amazing growth not just with his ability to read but independent thinking and articulating his perspective. I strongly believe that as a child with a dyslexic mind he perceives environments and situations differently. Einstein Montessori School has allowed him to see this as a strength and to be comfortable with his “out of the box thinking”.

You cannot judge a book by it’s’ cover. Einstein Montessori Academy cannot be evaluated by the buildings or the educational files that followed the students from their public schools. One can easy gain a true understanding from the students that graduate from EMA or return to public education with skills and self esteem to be successful. I cannot express enough gratitude to teachers and administration of EMA for accepting, supporting my son and helping him to grow into an independent thinking young man with self discipline and the love of learning.


Jack Olson / Tina Veltri

My son Jack transferred to Einstein Montessori in January 2015 for the second half of grade 4. It was a difficult decision for me to pull him out of his former school where his two brothers still attend and it was extremely difficult for him to go to a new school. However, I knew Jack needed a change of school as he was constantly stressed about work and even with an IEP, I was not seeing improvement. His former school constantly sent me emails concerning him not wanting to work with his teacher for intervention and I had many conferences regarding this. The fact was the school was just not giving him what he needed to be successful and I continued to watch my son completely stressed out as well as myself.

From the beginning of starting Einstein Montessori I saw a completely different child. Jack was happy, not stressed, and finally believing in himself that he was in fact capable of learning. His attitude toward school completely changed and I saw him begin to love going to school.
By the end of just one semester at Einstein Montessori, Jack was retested and had increased his scores considerably. What surprised me the most were his significant increases in comprehension skills. Jack is now a child who loves to read and I saw improvement in his reading abilities from the start.

Einstein Montessori truly was the answer for Jack and I am overjoyed I made the decision to change schools and send him here. It really is a very different environment where students feel comfortable asking for help and they get it. It is a completely stress-free environment and has changed my son’s attitude toward learning. I cannot thank Zach, Charleen, and all the wonderful and dedicated teachers enough for all they have done.

A very happy Einstein parent,
Tina Veltri


Adam, Zack, Jennifer, David & Kevin Exline / Sandra Exline

It is hard to know where to begin. I started Kevin in public school and was unhappy with the way they were teaching him, they told me it was his age; he was to young even though he was old enough for the cut-off date. I was told he needed to be retained and that he would do better next year. He could not tell you the alphabet when he looked at the letters. He maybe new 10 of them consistently and that is counting lower and upper case. Unhappy with the school system, I started him in a home school that had a back-up of teaching; two days a week a teacher worked with him. She picked up that he was having difficulties, but never addressed learning disabilities so she just used repetitive learning thinking he would eventually catch on. After a few years, of that and him only making minimal progress, I had to put him back in public school. Financially, I had to move him to public school. He should have been in 4th grade by that point, but I knew, he wasn’t ready. I explained my concerns to the school and they blamed me for not spending enough time teach him and they will get him right away back up to where he needed to be. He was 10 years old when he started on basically a 1st grade reading level. I had his vision and hear checked and they were fine. They eventually told me he had an auditory learning disability. They had to put him in an enclosed classroom with kids with similar problems, but he will get better then they can move him in with the mainstream. He spent the next 4 years in public school making minimal progress. I went to every conference and they assured me he was getting better, but he still could not even read Green Eggs and Ham by himself and this was in 6th grade.
He did manage to pass the 5th grade FCAT for Science in 5th grade only to be degraded into learning 5th grade science in 6th grade and when I tirelessly asked after the 4th confrontation with the teacher in a month she finally explained that none of the other students her “enclosed classroom” passed so she has to teach 5th grade science and he could not be put in a class for 6th grade because that was not going to work.

I was told at the end of the year that moving him into the Middle school would be more helpful, they would be even more aggressive in their methods of getting him to read. During all of this I worked with him at home, I had him in the tutoring classes they told me he should be in. He went to summer school.

The first day of middle school, my son comes home and goes right to bed. After some prodding I get him to tell me that they put him in a class with mentally challenged kids. He did not want to go back to school. I went to school the next day with him and was assured it was only temporary he would be moved shortly. After 3 months of going to the school nothing happened, so I pulled him out once again to home school.

I met a doctor who said maybe it had to do with his vision and agreed to test him for free. He said his vision was fine; but he said he could not diagnose him, but he tested him and said he had dyslexia. He told me of school in Cocoa that dealt with this and had excellent results.

I took him to Einstein and they tested him and told me they could help him. He started in 8th grade on a 1st grade reading level; by the end of the 1st year he was on a 3rd grade level. He continued to make great strides every year in school and in only 5 years of being in that school he graduated with a 9th grade reading level.
He started college last year and is currently attending to get an AA degree. If it wasn’t for the awesome program that this school has for helping kids read, I don’t know where my son would be today. He is more out-going, he is very intelligent and it all shows now that he was given the confidence he needed from Einstein Montessori. I have 5 other children with the same signs of this reading problem. My youngest is 9 and it is amazing how quickly they catch on. He spent two years in Kindergarten and still could not read and he even had trouble with the alphabet. In the first quarter of moving him to Einstein he learned his letters and was starting to read beginner books.
My children are not stressed out with too much homework and they are learning, becoming better readers and now have a chance of becoming a valuable asset to society.
Thank you Einstein Montessori Academy!!


Chris Grubka / David & Lynn Grubka

When my son was very young, he had no interest in listening to us read him a story, or to write his name, I just thought “well he’s a boy, he would rather be playing than sitting still”. When he started kindergarten, his teacher would complain that he was always making some sort of noises. He really started to struggle when he got into 1st and 2nd grade. He started to hate going to school. Every night we would spend 2 hours doing homework. Writing his spelling words in a sentence was the worst, he would have to tell me the sentence he wanted to write, because by the time he wrote down the first word of his sentence, he had forgotten what it was he was going to write. We would go over and over his spelling words, and ten minutes after I thought he finally got them, I would test him again, and he had forgotten them all. He would get so frustrated, I would get upset, thinking that he just wasn’t paying attention and I would yell at him , then he would start crying, then I would feel bad that I made my 6-7 year old cry that I would end up crying too. I just didn’t know how to help him. This was an ongoing event almost every night. Helping a 1st or 2nd grader shouldn’t be this difficult. To talk to him, you would never know what problems he was having with spelling and writing, he seemed to be such a smart kid, he was doing great in Science and Math.

Then one day his 2nd grade teacher told me that she wanted to get him tested for learning disabilities, because he tries so hard and it just didn’t seem to be sinking in. So we agreed to get him tested, it took 3 months of testing, and we got the results the last week of school. They told us that he had “short term memory loss”. The public school promised all kinds of help in 3rd grade. They wanted to keep him in a normal class, but he would be assigned a helper or ESE teacher to come to his class and work with him one on one. They had concessions that they made for him like cutting his spelling words down from 20 to 10 words a week, and the teacher was supposed to read instructions to him amongst other things. Well we found out that he was only getting this help for about 1 hour a week, and that his teacher wasn’t giving him the extra help that she was supposed to be giving him because she had too many kids in her class, and just didn’t have time to work with him. He didn’t seem to be doing any better in 3rd grade.

Then one day while talking to other parents in a cub scout meeting, one of the mothers told me about Einstein Montessori, she said that the problems my son was having sounded a lot like the problems her son had been having. She said at Einstein, they could test him for Dyslexia, She said that was what they told her that her son had and after moving to that school, he was doing much better. We decided to give them a call. We set up an appointment to get my son tested and have a tour of the school. In 15 minutes, not 3 months, they were able to tell me that my son did in fact have dyslexia. They told us that their school had a different method of teaching, through the “LIPS” program and hands on learning. We absolutely loved this school immediately and pulled our son out of the public school in the middle of his 3rd grade year. The change in my son’s attitude was tremendous! He all of a sudden loved going to school again, the homework stress level based 1 being the lowest level and 10 the highest level, went from a 10 at public school to a 1 at Einstein right away.

My son has been going to Einstein Montessori now for 7 years and he never wants to go back to public school again. His reading levels go up every year, the last 2 years his levels have increased 2 whole grade levels. This is amazing!! He has become a very confident teenager. The class sizes are about ½ the size than it was in public school, so each child gets the attention that they need. Most of the kids here, have similar stories, so no need to worry about your child being picked on or made fun of any longer, because of their lack of reading or writing skills. These kids and the teachers become a close knit group. For the most part, they have the same teachers every year so they don’t have to try to get used to someone new all the time, and the teachers get to know your child and his or her abilities and can push them to do their very best without stressing them out.

I can’t imagine where my son would be today if we hadn’t found this school, it has definitely been the best decision that we could have ever made.
Lynn Grubka


Wayne Wright / Paulet Munn-Wright

My son had an IEP while in public school but was still struggling with his reading and behavior issues. I was called almost daily by his school to pick him up, to talk with him or to have meetings. I got very frustrated and I know he was frustrated too. He was teased by his classmates and had low self-esteem in my opinion. He could not figure out why he was not able to read and yet he was trying so hard. I took him to Einstein Montessori School and they did some testing on my son and found out that he is dyslexic. That means he sees the letters in a word differently than most people would, so that caused confusion with his phonics and ability to say the word. It didn’t matter how many times he had reading or have testing done on his reading skills. It would make no difference to him because he was not seeing the letters correctly. He needed specialized help that was not being given to him and could not be given to him in the public school system. They tried everything with him since the age of 6 and even after 6 years, nothing was working. I gave him a second chance when I enrolled him at Einstein Montessori School. THAT WAS THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE FOR MY CHILD.

He now looks forward to going to school every day. He is more sociable and is not afraid to approach other people. He doesn’t get into fights anymore and is able to verbalize his feelings without getting flustered.

Parents out there, if your child has an IEP, is ADD or ADHD, please, please go speak with the staff at this school. They worked wonders for my son and still are doing so because he still attends school there. Give your sons and daughters the self-esteem they need to move up in life. This school sees the potential in each child and works with them one on one to develop their abilities. I highly recommend this school and its program to any and all parents.


Nicolai Fiffie / Beth Fiffie

My son has being going to Einstein Montessori School since the spring of 2015 and has excelled beyond my expectations. He went from almost failing in the public school system and struggling grades, to A’s and B’s. His self-esteem has increased tremendously and I could not be more pleased with the school and the way they educate the children.

Beth F.


Chelsea Zepeda / Elizabeth Zepeda

My daughter started at Einstein Montessori School in second grade. She was held back in public school because the teachers didn’t give her the one on one attention she needed even with her IEP. Zach, the principal at Einstein Montessori School has always understood and has been understanding to my daughter’s needs with her learning disabilities. The teachers at Einstein Montessori School have been very loving and giving with their time. They really care about the children in their care.

My daughter is now in 9th grade and with their help; she will graduate in a few years. Being in a small environment is what has also helped her so much. These big schools with hundreds of children and all the drama is not a good environment for everyone. This school is helping her get ready for life. She will have the knowledge because of the care and education that is given to her from Einstein Montessori School to become anyone she wants to be.

I would recommend this school to anyone that truly cares about their children and their education.

I love the teachers and Mr. Zach at Einstein Montessori School.

Elizabeth Zepeda


Bronte Mayhew / Nick and Kathy Mayhew

We are sending our daughter Bronte back to you for a second time because you did such a good job with her reading the first time.

Our daughter’s medical condition means that she has an IEP and she struggles with reading, understanding, and mental processing. Your Montessori program and unique educational philosophy at Einstein Montessori School assisted in overcoming many of these difficulties during the two years that she spent with you before she needed to enter the homebound program. Now that she is more mobile, she is coming back to you in 10th grade for Mr. Zach to work his magic. We are convinced that the attentive personal and warm environment that is created at Einstein Montessori School will assist Bronte with many of her learning difficulties. Thank you for being a part of our community and offering this unique and highly successful educational model.

Nick and Kathy Mayhew


Nathan and Joseph Stewart / Ms. Stewart

My boys Nathan and Joseph Stewart started attending Einstein Montessori School in August of 2010. They both had really low reading scores and were failing in all areas in public school. I found out about Einstein Montessori School from a friend. She said it was an awesome school. It truly is. Since the boys have been here they now read at grade level and get A’s and B’s. I am so proud of their accomplishments and thank Einstein Montessori School for all the help to get them where they need to be today. I highly recommend this school to kids that struggle in public schools.

Ms. Stewart


Sam and Tristain Whiting / Danielle Adelstein

Einstein Montessori School has been the best school for my older kids. They both have ADHD. Since they have been going to Einstein Montessori School, Tristain and Samantha both have gone from C’s to A’s in their classes. Tristain and Samantha really like this school a lot and are now having fun and look forward to school every day. Einstein Montessori School has fewer kids in the class room so that the teacher can have more one on one time with the children. Einstein Montessori School does not allow bullying at the school, and because of this my kids have a lot of friend and are enjoying learning.

Thank you all at Einstein Montessori School for your care and hard work with my kids.


Blake Boudro / Beverly Boudro

I would like to thank all the teachers that helped my son with his reading. He started reading at second grade level and is now reading at sixth grade level in just two years. My son enjoys going to Einstein Montessori School. He does not have as much pressure at this school as he did in public school. Thank you again for what you do at Einstein Montessori School.

Beverly B.


Justine, Jessa and Cadence Wessel and Alejandro Meyers / Laurie Wessel

Dyslexia? What does that even mean?

Experts say dyslexia has little to do with recognizing the visual form of words; rather the brains of people with dyslexia are wired differently. This difference makes it difficult to break the letters of written words into the distinct sounds (or phonemes) of their language, a capability called phonemic awareness.

Why couldn’t my child learn her letters? She could recite the alphabet, but even after writing the letter “A” one hundred times, she could not recognize it when I asked her to show it to me. All of the other kids in her class, during what was her second time in kindergarten, could recognize all the letters of the alphabet and numbers up to 20. I was working with my daughter every day and had been for two years. Was she playing games with me? How could she not recognize what I had showed her so many times? The other kids were learning sight words, but we were still working on basic letter recognition. She was not a slow child, she had an above average vocabulary and really wanted to please her teachers, but she was not getting what we were teaching. With the threat of keeping her back for a third year of kindergarten looming, we decided to have her placed in the first grade in a traditional public school. She attended every day and worked as hard as she could, and we worked with her at home, but were not really making any progress. What could I do? Where could I go to get my girl the help she needed? What was wrong with her?

I got the answers to all of the questions and quite a few more when I took her to Einstein Montessori School for testing. It turned out there was nothing wrong with her. And there was hope. There was a different way of teaching. I had been attempting to hammer a nail using a screwdriver – using the wrong tool for the job. There was another way of teaching. There was another way of learning. When it comes to kids’ education, one size most definitely does not fit all. Within a few weeks of tutoring one hour per week at Einstein Montessori School, my daughter could recognize all the letters of the alphabet, and more importantly, the sounds they make. The teachers at Einstein Montessori School were able to accomplish in one year what the traditional school system had not been able to achieve in three years.

Now she has been at Einstein Montessori School for a year and a half and is reading at grade level. This is amazing! We were able to find a solution before my daughter started doubting her intelligence, feeling she was behind everyone else, or not very smart. It would have taken a lifetime to “unlearn” these lessons had we not found Einstein Montessori School in time for her.

Einstein Montessori School is about a lot more than recognizing letters and reading. It’s about giving a child a sense of self-esteem, letting them now they are not “disabled” they are abled differently. Brilliance doesn’t come in only one type of package.

If your child is struggling with reading despite all their best efforts and yours, give Einstein Montessori School’s program a chance. See what a difference it can make in your child’s life.

Parent of 4 Einstein Montessori School students


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