Dyslexic Students

The traditional educational model does not recognize dyslexia. As a result, teachers do not have the training needed to mitigate the processing problems that cause the literacy issues. Due to this lack of training, teachers often accuse students as young as four of not listening, paying attention or keeping up with their peers. Despite average or often above average intelligence, many of these children are torn down after years of enduring frustration, anxiety, embarrassment and the feeling of not being accepted. This loss of self worth and sense of personal failure is ultimately at the core of why 85% of the juveniles that are arrested have reading disabilities. These children are entitled to a normal childhood where learning is enjoyable and self-confidence remains intact.

Public schools and the effect on the dyslexic child

Over the past twelve years the Einstein Schools have developed an educational model using the most effective research based reading, writing and spelling curriculums for dyslexic students. In addition, the Einstein School Method teaches dyslexic students according to their natural creative abilities using Socratic Questioning, critical thinking, and hands- on projects. The Einstein School was recognized by the Center for Education Reform as having one of the top nine literacy programs in the United States. In 2002, they published Einstein’s reading curriculum in their book “Take Me on a Reading Adventure”. The Einstein Schools have achieved the highest reading gains in the state of Florida and have renewed the self esteem that so many students had lost in the traditional school model.

Appropriate education makes all the difference

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