Our mission is to develop reading and literacy skills in a respectful and supportive environment so students can achieve their full academic potential.
There is compelling scientific evidence that early identification and intervention improves literacy outcomes for most dyslexic students. Reading disabilities can be overcome best with high intensity, small group instruction using proven reading programs. Unfortunately this is simply unavailable in most Florida public schools. 
At Einstein Academy, all students participate in the Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program for Reading (LiPS®) that strengthens phonemic awareness. Once established, phonemic awareness is then applied to improve students' reading, spelling and speech.
We take a whole-student approach to helping dyslexic students in the classroom. Classes are designed to support students with increased oral instruciton, adequate time, and other accommodations to give them a better chance of academic success.
Einstein Academy has adopted the curriculum established by the Florida Department of Education and high school students graduate with a standard Florida diploma.
Half of all students who qualify for Special Education are classified as having a learning disability and dyslexia is the most common. Without appropriate intervention, this can often lead to lower graduation rates, behavioral issues, and lifelong negative socio-economic impacts.