"Creating a school for dyslexic children is very important to me on a personal level. I have experienced the frustration and anxiety of what a dyslexic person goes through in the public school system, because I am severely dyslexic. I am resolved to create an atmosphere lacking the embarrassment, frustration, and anxiety that comes with being dyslexic in a public school."                                      -Zach Osbrach, Our Founder
In 1999, Zach Osbrach opened the first, free public charter school for dyslexic students in the United States in Gainesville, FL. In 2003, the Einstein Montessori Academy opened in Cocoa, FL. Zach originally named the school Einstein Montessori Academy to be symbolic of Albert Einstein's educational history and how dyslexia affected his ability to learn. He wanted children to understand that many successful people have learning difficulties and that these difficulties could be overcome by seeking out an educational system which better matches their natural abilities in addition to addressing their disabilities.
Mr. Osbrach understood that there needed to be an educational model that de-emphasized rote memory and emphasized critical and creative thinking for dyslexic students. This model would use Socratic questioning and a curriculum that supports students' ability to think creatively. Zach believes that fostering creativity will bring out the hidden genius.